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Tracy Shapiro is an Oakland based writer and performer. She is singlehandedly responsible for the emergence of the groundbreaking and boundary pushing Elevator Riot Gal movement. Tracy’s courtship of music and comedy breeds a lively melange of raise the roof rap ballads, cheeky punk-twanged compositions, not so ladylike confessionals, and stream of consciousness rambles.

Tracy has played music venues, comedy clubs, warehouses, theaters, barn parties, libraries, and living rooms across this fine country. While rambling through New York City and Brooklyn with her musical pursuits, Tracy slowly realized that she was pretty into people laughing at her. She dabbled on the outskirts of the New York comedy world, spent a summer on tour with her friends, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, and promptly disappeared into the New Mexican desert for a wee bit. Not making it is hard work! Tracy is currently happily planted in Oakland, out and about playing shows as much as possible while preparing for the debut of her one woman punk-rap opera in San Francisco this coming August.

Tracy is also in a rock band called Steel Cranes. They are not funny. Please don’t laugh at them. (